A Brief History: Jewellery Gifting to New Moms

Jewellery as a gift for new mums has a rich and varied history, deeply rooted in cultural traditions, symbolic meanings, and the celebration of life and motherhood. This practice can be traced back through several key historical points:

1. Ancient Civilizations: In ancient cultures, jewellery was often bestowed upon women during significant life events. For instance, in Ancient Egypt, amulets and talismans were given to women for protection and good fortune during childbirth and motherhood. These pieces were not just decorative but held deep spiritual significance.

2. Middle Ages and Renaissance: During these periods, family crests and heraldic symbols were often incorporated into jewellery. New mums of noble or royal birth would receive pieces that signified their family lineage or the birth of an heir. This tradition underlined the importance of heritage and family ties.

3. Victorian Era: The Victorians were known for their intricate and symbolic jewellery. It was common for new mums to receive lockets or brooches that contained hair or miniature portraits of their children. These pieces were cherished as personal keepsakes that symbolized the deep bond between mother and child.

4. 20th Century: With the advent of more modern jewellery-making techniques and the increasing availability of a variety of materials, personalized jewellery became more accessible. Birthstone jewellery became popular, with each stone representing the birth month of the child, making it a favoured gift for new mums.

5. Contemporary Trends: Today, the tradition continues with more options for personalization than ever before. Engraved jewellery with children’s names, birthdates, or fingerprints is highly popular. The use of Morse code or other subtle, discreet symbols in jewellery is a modern twist, offering a sophisticated yet personal gift option for new mums.

Throughout history, the essence of giving jewellery to new mums has remained constant – it is a token of love, celebration, and the marking of an important life milestone. The evolution of styles and materials over time reflects the changing tastes and technologies, but the sentiment behind the gift remains timeless.