Everything we do is rooted in our three core values.

We believe in long-term relationships; with our team, our craftspeople, our suppliers, and our customers – and with jewellery that’s designed to be handed down to future generations. Everyone who works for us or with us becomes a member of our extended family, which means we invest time, money and energy into developing their skills and helping them grow.

We know that fine craft takes time. We work with artisan makers who are the very best in their field, and we take the time to learn and understand their methods – so that we can better understand every element of our business. From apprentice to master, we champion the learning process. And while we cherish traditional skills, we’re always looking for new ways to work.

We don’t just accessorise with claims about ethics and sustainability; they’re at the heart of every decision we make. We carefully consider the environmental and humanitarian impact of everything we do, from sourcing diamonds and gemstones responsibly to paying our staff and suppliers a fair wage, using recycled packaging and minimising waste by making everything to order. And we know we’re not perfect – yet – but we’re continually striving to do better.



Our founder and creative director is renowned jeweller Donald Edge, celebrated for his instinctive eye, sustainable ethos and innovative approach to design. He says:

“As a hopeless romantic, I was inspired by the secretive love tokens of the 18th century to create codebyEdge™: affordable, wearable luxury that tells your story.

Each piece is invested with love and meaning – from its hand-crafted origin in England, to the secret messages hidden in its stones.

I hope you’ll treasure your personalised jewellery for many generations to come.”