How To: Select Jewellery That Matches Her Taste (Without Her Knowing)

Gifting a surprise piece of jewellery and having her absolutely love it is not easy; but you already know the most meaningful things in life require time and effort. If it was easy, everyone would do it and it wouldn’t be special. So here’s how you take the time to get it right and deliver one of the best gifts she’s ever received.

The Stakes Are High. Match Her Taste.

It’s not about what you like, it’s about what she likes.

Get something she will wear. Great gifts are meaningful because they hold memories and evoke emotions. You want her to be reminded of the love and acceptance you have for her every time she slides on that ring or clasps her necklace. If it doesn’t fit her style, it will sit in a drawer. Or worse, she’ll feel obligated to wear it because you gifted it to her, which reminds her that you don’t know her as well as she wants you to.

How To Ensure You Match Her Taste in Jewellery

1. Get Reference Points

Understanding her taste begins by gathering reference points. One reliable method is to ask her friends. If you are close to them and trust they won’t spill the beans, seek their counsel. They can provide insights into her preferred styles, metals, and stones.

Taking inventory of what she wears now is another practical approach. Observe the jewellery she often adorns. What pieces does she choose for special occasions versus daily wear? Look back at pictures for clues and jot down the patterns and styles you observe.

If you start with a few notes and ideas, that will make the process of working with someone she is close with much more fruitful than if you come in empty handed. 

Additionally, consider where she is in her life and her current lifestyle. Jewellery preferences can evolve with age and lifestyle changes. Ensure the piece you select aligns with her current phase of life and foreseeable future. For example, she may have loved dangling earrings when she was younger but now with a child some studs might be better suited, as they can’t be grabbed as easily by a clutching young one. 

Note: If you are shopping for a mom, consider something that symbolizes her life’s best gift: her son or daughter

2. Narrow Down & Get Feedback

With the insights gathered, begin to narrow down your choices. Pick a few options and seek feedback – but remember, the final decision is yours to make. Your effort and thought in choosing the piece are what make it meaningful.

At this juncture, feedback from a trusted confidante can be invaluable. You’re not outsourcing the decision but validating your choices to ensure they resonate with her taste.

3. Get The Final Details Right

When you’re confident in your selection, it’s time to focus on the final details. Align the brand and sourcing with her ethics. If, for instance, she values fair trade, ensure the piece adheres to ethical sourcing practices. Every detail matters, and ensuring the jewellery aligns with her values adds depth to its significance.

Quality should be at the forefront. If you’re working within a budget, opting for a smaller, high-quality piece is often advisable. The longevity and enduring lustre of a quality piece amplify its sentimental value over the years.

Final Advice Before You Go

Start with the right mindset. Selecting the right piece of jewellery is a journey of understanding, a process that underscores your attentiveness and commitment to celebrating her uniqueness. Every step, from gathering reference points, seeking feedback, and paying attention to the final details, is an expression of love.

And finally, get the sizing right. A piece that fits perfectly underscores the effort and attention you’ve invested in selecting it. It demonstrates a deeper understanding of her, transcending the aesthetic appeal of the jewellery to embody a more profound connection.

Take your time and get it right. You will be rewarded when you see the look on her face as she unwraps one of the best gifts shes ever received.