Sade’s signature diamond hoop earrings

When Sade hit the road in 2011 for her much-anticipated world tour, fans were captivated not only by her soul-stirring music but also by her iconic style. A key piece of that style? Her striking diamond hoop earrings, as much a part of her signature look as her smooth voice and heartfelt lyrics.

Those diamond hoops were specially crafted for Sade's tour, and they carried with them a story of artistry and personal touch. As the founder our bespoke jewellery brand, I had the unique pleasure of designing these earrings. They weren’t just another accessory; they were a labour of love and craftsmanship.

Making jewellery for Sade meant understanding what she stands for – her music, her style, and her presence. Our atelier, with its skilled craftspeople, approached the task with the kind of dedication Sade herself brings to her music. The hoops were designed to be bold enough to make a statement and delicate enough to reflect the intimacy of Sade’s performances.

The creation of these earrings was a collaborative journey. We selected the finest ethical diamonds and designed a piece that Sade would wear as effortlessly as she carries her songs. The design was simple – elegant hoops symbolizing endlessness, just like her timeless tunes.

During the tour, those hoops didn't just complement Sade’s outfits; they became a part of the magic that unfolded on stage. Fans noticed. The earrings glimmered under the lights at every venue, from the front rows to the balconies, adding an extra bit of sparkle to every song.

To me, making these earrings for Sade was about capturing the essence of what makes her unique. It was also a chapter in my own story, showcasing the power of personalized jewellery to echo the persona of the wearer.

As Sade travelled from city to city, the earrings became more than just a piece of jewellery; they became a piece of her story and a token of craftsmanship that resonated with audiences everywhere.

The tour was a reminder of the beauty of combining different forms of art – music and jewellery design – and how each can amplify the other. Just like her enduring music, the diamond hoops were crafted to last, to be as memorable as the songs that have touched the hearts of fans across the world.