Your hidden message could be your children's initials, a nickname, an inspirational message, or even your pet's name.

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shine from every angle

Our gemstones are always responsibly sourced. Alongside sustainably mined jewels, we also use hydrothermal gemstones, which are created using the natural convection powers of heat and gravity – just as they are in the earth.

We love our hydrothermal gemstones for their beautiful consistency in colour, and for the double-sided chequerboard cut which brings our necklaces, pendants and earrings alive. They move with you, filter light and shine from every angle.


sourced with LOVE

Because every part of your codebyEdge™ jewellery is personal, we offer you the choice of lab-grown or mined diamonds.

Whichever you choose, you can trust that your diamonds have been sourced with the utmost thought and care, for the planet and the people involved. All the better to help your own message shine bright.