Aquafiore Pendant - Custom


Encode the letters of your name, your children's initials, your lucky numbers, or a secret message of inspiration.

Our Aquafiore Pendants are inspired by the bloom of wildflowers, incorporate the secret messaging of Morse code into each bracelet.

Created with uncompromising attention to detail, the Aquafiore collection is available in 18ct yellow gold and 925 sterling silver, set with ethical lab-grown gems

These are our minimum quality standards for all codebyEdge jewellery:

Yellow Gold - 18kt - 100% Recycled

Rose Gold - 18kt - 100% Recycled

Platinum - 950 - Ethically Sourced

Sterling Silver - 925 - 100% Recycled


We use the highest quality diamonds in our rings for optimal brilliance, balance, and longevity. All of our diamonds meet these standards or higher:    

Cut: Premium

Color: D-F

Clarity: VVS-VS


  • Dots: 0.04ct
  • Dashes: 2 x 0.08ct

All of our diamonds are lab grown, allowing us to ensure they are ethically sourced and flawless. If you prefer ethically sourced mined diamonds, please contact us so we can accommodate you.


We use the highest quality amethyst, aquamarine, lemon quartz, rock crystal and citrine gems in our Aquafiore line. 

About Our Gems:

Cut: Double checker rose cut


  • Dots: 7mm
  • Dashes: 7mm x 9mm

Highest quality polish and symmetry



All of our gems are lab grown, allowing us to ensure they are ethically sourced and flawless.

All codebyEdge jewellery is handmade to order in our UK workshop. We use traditional artisan methods. Our craftsmen use techniques passed down from generations to craft a one-of-a-kind piece that is surely worth the wait.

codebyEge is the apex of Donald Edge’s 25 year career in jewellery design. He has perfected the curves, defended quality with only the best materials, and is keeping the human touch with handcrafted pieces.

Donald’s care for fine jewellery shines through even more today in a world where quality and the human touch have taken a backseat to convenience. 

True luxury is about slowing down and doing things the right way.” - Donald Edge

All of our jewellery is handmade to order. Shipping is free for all orders over £200. Shipping estimates:

  • UK - jewellery arrives in 3-4 weeks
  • EU, US, CAN, AUS - jewellery arrives in 4-6 weeks
  • Other - please contact us with your address for an accurate estimate

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