Creative Ways to Incorporate Hidden Messages in Necklaces

Encoding a hidden message into a piece of jewellery can significantly increase the impact it has on the person you’re gifting it to. But doing it the right way takes thought and care… as do all of the best gifts.

Here are some tips to help you integrate hidden messages into a necklace in a way that makes the right impression.

How Hidden Messages Enhance Your Necklaces

Necklaces with a hidden message are a creative and subtle way to make your style all the more unique. All jewellery has the potential to carry secret meanings, but necklaces are among the most prominent styles of jewellery, letting you display your piece front and center, and - literally - near to your heart.

Hidden message necklacesA necklace with a hidden meaning can be a great conversation starter that shows there’s more to you than meets the eye, or can be a beautiful and subtle way for you and your loved one to share a secret between each other. But one of the most popular encoded messages is for new moms commemorating their newborn

There are endless ways to incorporate hidden messages into your necklaces, from using visual languages through patterns and designs, to using ornaments and symbols. Your hidden messages are only limited by your creativity and imagination!

Finding Creative Ways to Get Your Message Across

Necklaces are perfect for conveying hidden messages through subtle wording, patterns, or charms. Necklaces come in a variety of styles, so you can incorporate gemstones, metals, and pendants into your secret messages.

Here are a few ways you can integrate a hidden message into your necklace.

Pendants and Charms

Many necklaces hold charms or pendants, letting you display a small but elegant piece. These pendants can hold their own meanings and secrets, like lockets that hold photographs of loved ones, or charms that hold personal meaning to you and your significant other. Pendants can also have more subtle messages, incorporated through hidden meanings and lost languages.

Did you know that floriography is the hidden Victorian language of flowers? Through floriography, every flower has its own meaning, letting you show your feelings through flower charms. Pink roses are a show of gratitude, especially when someone has helped you through a hard time. Cherries and cherry blossoms symbolise femininity and spiritual beauty, and tulips represent a declaration of love and passion. You can convey an endless amount of secret messages through flower pendants, giving yourself or a loved one a meaningful, beautiful, and elegant message to add to their collection.

Aquafiore necklaceAquafiore necklace conveying “Thank You” in Morse Code


Gemstones have been a cornerstone of necklaces for centuries. Certain gems have hidden meanings, like birthstones. Much like floriography, gemstones have their own symbolism associated with them; amethyst symbolises intelligence, rose quartz is an expression of love, and emeralds have historically been seen as symbols of truth and love.

Gemstones can be incorporated as pendants to make a singular stone a centerpiece, or you can have strands of multiple colours and cuts that transform your necklace into a subtly expressive message. Using gemstones in your necklaces gives you a broad range of creative freedom to express your hidden message, with colours, cuts, and styles all having their own personal meaning to the wearer.

Aquafiore pendant conveying the letter “J” in Morse Code

Visual Languages Through Patterns

For a more creative and veiled expression, visual languages can be used to spell out words, dates, and even sentences directly on your necklace through subtle patterns. Morse code is the system of dots and dashes used to spell out letters and numbers, which can be represented on necklaces through long and short pieces of metals and gems. Rather than using abstract symbology, you can use secretive patterns to spell out your message exactly.

Similarly, binary code uses a series of ones and zeroes to convey words and numbers. This digital language, used in coding, is perfect for tech-savvy computer enthusiasts. Through binary code you can incorporate straight and circular gems and metals to spell out your message. This can be used to convey a special date, initials, or full words and expressions.

There are a variety of visual languages you can use to spell out your hidden message, including British Sign Language and even music notes.

THANK YOU Aquafiore NecklaceAquafiore necklace conveying “Thank You” in Morse Code

Combining Symbols for the Perfect Message

Necklaces are perfect for incorporating hidden meanings. The length of a necklace gives you extra room to convey longer messages than other styles of jewellery, letting you spell out words and phrases through hidden languages and secretive symbology. Don’t be afraid to combine styles to perfectly personalise your necklace, adding abstract symbols to language or using specific colours and gems to quietly show your affection.

Jewellery is always a meaningful gift, and you can make yours even more special. With creativity and a bit of imagination, you can enhance the meaning of your jewellery and convey a message that will be held near and dear to your heart for years.