Unlocking The Secrets of Morse Code Jewellery: A Beginner's Guide

Jewellery of any kind makes a meaningful gift. But a piece of jewellery that has a hidden message from the heart is even more special. Morse code jewellery is a great way to express yourself, whether you’re looking for something special for yourself or a unique gift for a loved one.

To help you add the perfect personal touch to your jewellery, we’ve put together this guide that will teach you everything you need to know about crafting a custom piece of Morse code jewellery. With this guide, you’ll learn how to get your message across in a subtle, yet meaningful and elegant way.

What is Morse Code? 

Morse code is an alphabetic system that was developed in the 19th century by Samuel F.B. Morse. It uses short and long signals known as dots and dashes, which can be translated into letters, numbers, symbols, and words. The length of each signal determines whether it is a dot (a short sound) or a dash (a longer sound). While Morse code was often used in the past to send secret messages over long distances, today, it has become a fashion statement through the creation of Morse code jewellery.

How Does Morse Code Jewellery Work? 

The process of translating letters and words into Morse code is straightforward. You simply map out each letter or word using dots and dashes. These can be represented in jewellery with the use of shaped gemstones that represent a dot or a dash – a long, rectangular stone for a dash, and a short, circular stone for a dot!

Aquafiore earrings conveying the letter “C”

Popular Morse Code Jewellery Designs

With so many design options to choose from, it’s no wonder Morse code jewellery has captured the hearts of so many. From minimalistic to ornate, there’s truly a piece for everyone that will make you feel as good as you look.


There are few pieces of jewellery more symbolic of romance than a ring. A Morse code ring takes it one step further, allowing you to say how you feel directly through the jewellery. Choose a single ring to represent an initial or short word, or stack them to write out a longer sentiment.

Mayfair rings conveying the letter “B”.


Let your message shine on a bracelet. A subtle morse code message can wrap around the length of a bracelet, letting you convey your message with beautifully cut gemstones and sustainable recycled gold. These are perfect for a child’s initials or a special date.

Auqafiore bracelet conveying the letter “C”.


Earrings are perfect for short, subtle messages, hiding a single letter on each earring. Add the initials of you and your partner, a best friend, or your own hidden meaning. These are also perfect for conveying a date, like an anniversary or birthday.

Aquafiore earrings conveying the letter “B”.


Necklaces let you say everything you need to say in one place. A simple pendant can spell out a single word, while a longer strand of twinkling gems can spell out a longer hidden message.

Aquafiore necklace conveying “Power”.

Sending the Right Message with Morse Code Jewellery

The messages you can send through jewellery are truly endless. If you prefer to keep things simple, go with a classic Ready to Wear message that simply spells out “LOVE” or “XOXO.” Or, send a more personalised message. Here are some other options sure to get a smile:

  • A name or nickname
  • Initials
  • A meaningful date, like an anniversary or birthday
  • An inside joke

How to Pick the Perfect Morse Code Jewellery

When selecting a piece of Morse code jewellery, there are several factors to consider. First, decide which type of metal you would prefer. Yellow, rose, or white gold and platinum are all popular choices. All of our metal options are sustainably sourced, so you never have to choose between social consciousness and style.

Next, decide what size, colour, and shape gemstones will work best for your look – are you going for understated elegance with simple diamonds, or do you want a more colourful piece featuring a variety of gems? Pick a choice that will compliment you or your recipient’s unique personal style.

Finally, select your message! You can either choose from Ready to Wear phrases or create your own custom phrase. The length of your message may also depend on the type of jewellery you pick. For example, a necklace has a lot more room on it to spell things out than a single ring. For an understated message, consider using earrings to represent initials or a date, or use multiple rings to piece together a hidden message.

Final Thoughts: The Beauty of Custom Morse Code Jewellery

Morse code jewellery unlocks unlimited options for you to hide subtle messages in your style. Our collections offer plenty of beautifully cut gems and a variety of metals to help you add to the significance of your message. Hiding away meaningful messages through the secret language of dots and dashes is a perfect way for you to show someone how much you care.