How To Gift Personalised Jewellery for New Moms

Gifting jewellery to a new mom can make for a moving and memorable gift to celebrate one of the biggest events in her life. But if your gift isn’t thoughtful you run the risk of investing time and money into something that will only sit in a drawer and eventually be forgotten.   

Personalising jewellery is one way to increase the sentimental value of your gift, making it much more heart-felt and memorable. But there are several other factors to consider when deciding what type of jewellery to gift.  

These five criteria of memorable gift giving will help ensure your gift is one of the best she’s ever unwrapped:


A thoughtful gift is one that considers the recipient's needs, wants, and interests. It shows that you have taken the time to understand the recipient and what they would appreciate. We’ve all received gifts that bewilder us and make us think, “how does this person not know me at all???”. 

When it comes to jewellery gifting, note the style of jewellery your friend wears. Here are some things you can take note of if you don’t already know what she likes: 

  • Gem Types - Diamonds, gems of certain colors, pearls, etc. 
  • Metal Materials - Gold, silver, platinum, rose gold
  • Earring Style - Drop earrings vs stud earrings
  • Minimalist - Light, minimal jewellery, or stacked bracelets and rings? 
  • Necklace Fit - Loose and flowy or comfortably tight?
  • Rings - Only her marriage band or multiple accessory pieces?

Note that a gift does not need to be just like all the other jewellery she has to be thoughtful. Sometimes it’s even better to get them something thats unlike what they already have. If you meet the following criteria, you’re still highly likely to be giving her an unforgettable gift. 


What makes a gift unique? It can be something the recipient has never received before or something that is unexpected.

By purchasing a quality piece of jewellery for a new mother you’re already standing out from the crowd of other gift givers. If you can find something that is original, it will have 2-3x the impact when she unwraps it. 

It’s easy to take the safe route and buy the conventionally piece of engraved jewellery. But a big part of what separates good gifts from great gifts is the thought and care that goes into selecting it. If you want to make an impression, take your time to search for something unique.    


A high-quality gift shows you value the recipient and want to give them something that will last. Quality can refer to the materials used in the gift, the craftsmanship, or the overall presentation.

When it comes to jewellery, look for these signs of quality:

  • Metal Materials - is it solid gold / silver vs plated or coated?
  • Gems - are the gems in the higher quality range for color, clarity, and cut?
  • Craftsmanship - is this a mass-produced piece or handmade by a craftsman?
  • Ethical - are the materials and production methods sustainably sourced and ethical? 


Personalised jewellery makes for an unforgettable gift when it is paired with quality and thoughtfulness. While an engraved necklace can come across as cheesy, a set of high quality stacked diamond rings encoded with her child’s initials can make for an extraordinary gift.

Example: Hannah Zachary, mother of two, used morse code to wear the initials of her son and daughter. 



The way a gift is presented can also contribute to its memorability. A beautifully wrapped gift, a heartfelt note, or a creative presentation can all make a gift more memorable.

Here’s an example of the type of wrapping that shows a high quality gift as soon as she sees it:



Final Consideration: Timing

If you’re short on time, consider this: It’s better to give a great gift a little late, than a mediocre gift on time. When you tell her “it’s a little belated because it was handmade” she’ll forget the timing of your gift the second she unwraps it. Just make sure you’re there in person to see her priceless reaction. 

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